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La charte «Patients inclus» (Patients Included)

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Les clauses de la charte Patients inclus:

  1. Projects[1] will be designed, implemented, and evaluated with the direct involvement of patients[2, 3].

  2. Project goals will be co-created with patients and clearly express their relevance to patient health outcomes and quality of life[3].

  3. Patients participating in projects will be updated about project milestones according to a mutually agreed calendar.

  4. The disability requirements of participants will be accommodated[4].

  5. All expenses associated with patients taking part in a project will be offered in full, in advance. In addition, patients will be offered compensation[5] for their participation equivalent to that of other project members in a transparent and ethical manner.

  6. The percentage of the total fee associated with the project retained by each participant will be stated in the public domain, unless otherwise requested by the patients taking part.

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